XFAMPS01 - Front
XFAMPS01 - Front
XFAMPS01 - Back
XFAMPS01 - Back

XFPCB003 Top KiCAD 3D View

XFPCB003 Top KiCAD 3D View
XFPCB003 Schema

XFPCB004 Top KiCAD 3D View

XFPCB003 Top KiCAD 3D View
XFPCB004 Schema

XFPCB006 Schema
XFPCB006 Stereo Out Schema

XFPCB007 Schema
XFPCB007 Mono Sum Schema

XFAMPS01 - Enclosed Stereo Audio Amplifier

LM1875 Class-AB 36W

This is a flat Class-AB audio Amplifier. All modules are made using though-hole components only, that are soldered to 3mm traces of single-sided FR-4 PCB. XF-AMPS01 is powered by regulated dual ±DC power supply that is decoupled from main via transformer. This unit features large capacitors, large heat sinks, phoenix connectors and double insulated enclosure. Driven by 2 LM1875 USA-made ICs this amp is build to last.


  • Stereo Output
  • Total Output Power: 36W RMS
  • Low Distortion: 0.015%,1kHz,20W
  • Wide Power Bandwidth: 70 kHz
  • Volume Control
  • LED Power Switch
  • MDF Enclosure
  • Stand-by AC Power Draw: 3-4W


  • LM1875 Class-AB IC
  • Optimal Load: 4Ω-8Ω/channel
  • Input Impedance: 47k Ohm
  • Power Input: 120VAC 60Hz
  • Operating Temperature: 0-70°C
  • AC Power Input: 120V AC 60Hz via Polarized Cable IEC-60320

Dimensions & Weight

25cm x 16cm x 8cm
9.8" x 6.3" x 3.1"
Weight 1.75kg / 3.88lb


XF-AMPS01 Amplifier Manual - PDF

XF-AMPS01 Thd and Freq Response

Schemas, gerbers, models, masks and more:
XF-AMPS01 GitHub Repo

XFPCB003 - Class-AB Amplifier 20-30W LM1875

LM1875 Amplifier Board

The LM1875 is a monolithic power amplifier offering very low distortion and high quality performance for consumer audio applications.


  • Load: 4Ω - 8Ω
  • Output Power: 30W
  • Supply Voltage 12V-36V(±18)


  • Low Distortion: 0.015%, 1 kHz, 20 W
  • Wide Power Bandwidth: 70 kHz
  • High Current Capability: 4A
  • Protection for AC and DC Short Circuits to Ground


PCB Clad: 76mm x 66mm
Height/w Heat sinks: 50mm

XFPCB004 - AC to Dual ±DC Regulated Power Supply

Regulated Bipolar Dual Voltage Board

Dual ±DC Output Power Supply built around LM7918 & LM1818 regulators(IC Regulators are made in USA). This power supply is intended to be used with VAC centre tapped transformer for audio amplifier applications.


  • Input Voltage Filtering
  • Low Output Ripple, Voltage Stable to ±0.005VDC
  • Through-hole components, single-layer FR-4 clad using wide copper traces(3mm+).


PCB Clad: 76mm x 66mm
Height/w Heat sinks: 30mm

XFPCB006 - Stereo Out

3.5mm Audio Input Jack Breakout Board

3.5mm stereo audio jack to 2 Phoenix connectors breakout board.


  • Phoenix connectors.

XFPCB007 - Mono Sum

3.5mm Stereo Jack to Mono Sum Breakout

XFPCB008 - 2-Channel Potentiometer Volume Control Board

Stereo Volume Control

2-Channel Potentiometer Volume Control Board

XFAMPS01 - Front
XFAMPS01 - Back
XFPCB003 - Front
XFPCB003 - Back
XFPCB004 - Front
XFPCB004 - Back
XFPCB006 - Stereo Out
XFPCB007 - Mono Sum

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